New York Times Talks About the Rising Importance of Shale Gas Worldwide

The New York Times recently ran an article talking about the emerging importance of natural gas from shale around the world. The article focuses on Poland and Europe, who have a desire to cut their energy dependence on Russia. But the article also includes these statements about the importance of shale gas in the United States:

The attraction of shale gas is already well known in the United States, where diversification is an advanced theme in energy policy. With the discovery of big shale deposits several years ago, shale gas now accounts for nearly a fifth of the U.S. natural gas supply, compared with just 1 percent in 2000, according to a recent study by IHS CERA, an independent energy research center in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Shale gas “ranks as the most significant energy innovation so far this century,” IHS CERA said in a recent report. “It has the potential at least to cause a paradigm shift in the fueling of North America’s energy future.”*

*New York Times (May 11) – Eastern Europe, Seeking Energy Security, Turns to Shale Gas