PA State Game Commission Stays Afloat with Revenue from Marcellus Shale Lease & Royalty Payments

Although not enough to offset the loss of revenue from lower commodity price of timber sales, the Pennsylvania State Game Commission says royalties from leasing state land for drilling in the Marcellus Shale is helping to keep the commission afloat.

The commission collected nearly $2.6 million from royalties, rent payments and lease bonus payments for natural gas, oil and coal operations on game lands last year. Of the 1.4 million acres of game land, about 2,652 acres are leased for oil and gas development, according to the report.

The game commission has seen a noticeable increase in its oil, gas and mineral fees since fiscal 2008-09 due to Marcellus Shale exploration.*

The commission’s revenue from drilling could go significantly higher if the thorny issue of mineral owner rights gets resolved (to the tune of $1 billion).

*The Daily Review (Feb 15) – Marcellus royalties help agency