Drilling Road Damage in Marshall County, WV

Where there’s drilling in rural areas with heavy trucks traveling the roadways, there will be road damage. The two go together, unfortunately. From Cameron (Marshall County), West Virginia:

Cameron resident Sam Yoho is calling it a temporary fix.

"You gotta run a road grader over this. You can’t just dump gravel over it and drive away," Cameron resident Sam Yoho said.

Yoho has lived in Cameron his whole life. Now, he is living through the boom of the Marcellus Shale industry. He said industrial truck traffic on Pleasant’s Ridge Road is tearing it up, getting in the way of cars and spreading dust. While Chesapeake Energy was here throughout the weekend fixing the road with gravel, Yoho feels that is just a quick fix.

Chesapeake Energy said the roads are more susceptible to damage during spring thaw and said they are doing their best to make sure the roads are safe for its residents.

"While we always made an effort to maintain the roads, we know efforts are not always sufficient in eliminating residents concerns," spokesperson for Chesapeake Energy Stacey Brodak said.*

Chesapeake has hired an engineering firm to review and monitor roads in the area year-round in an effort to address residents’ concerns.

*The State Journal (Mar 20, 2011) – Cameron Residents Concerned About Condition of Local Roads