MDN’s New Special Report: Will There Be Marcellus Shale Drilling Near Me?

screen2-finalMDN is pleased to announce the new 24-page special report, Will There Be Marcellus Shale Drilling Near Me?, is ready for you to download—for free. This new report shows the number of Marcellus Shale horizontal well drilling permits applied for or issued from January 1, 2010 through February 16, 2011. The report covers the states of New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, detailing the number of well permits by geography and by drilling company.

Why a Report on Drilling Permits?

Although signing bonuses can yield a respectable source of income for landowners, the real money occurs when energy companies drill on or near a landowner’s property. Energy companies need a permit in order to drill, so permits are a good barometer of the intentions of drilling companies.

Drilling permits are better than leases for signaling where there will be drilling activity because you need a permit to drill. Anyone can tie up land in a lease for years at a time—but energy companies that are actually drilling are the ones landowners will want to do business with. Permits point the way to those drillers who are serious.

Who Should Use This Report?

If you’re a landowner who has not yet signed a lease, use this special report to see who is “serious” about drilling near you—in your county and even in your municipality. If you’ve already signed a lease, use the report to see if drilling may begin in your area in the near future, and whether or not the company you signed with is getting ready to drill. Business owners, from restaurants and hotels to convenience stores and other retailers, will find this report useful for predicting a likely uptick in sales and for planning possible expansion of operations. Government officials can use it to predict where there is likely to be increases in traffic and for anticipating other industrialization concerns like noise and wastewater disposal. Non-landowners and environmentalists can use it to keep a sharp eye on drilling activity in their areas. And energy companies can keep track of their competitors.

How to Get Your Copy!

In order to download the special report, MDN asks that you complete a brief, anonymous survey. Once you fill out the online survey (which should take you less than five minutes), you will be given immediate access to download the report.

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