Slides from Recent Marcellus Shale Meeting in Binghamton, NY

Below are the slides shared at a public meeting held on March 4, 2011 at the West Middle School Auditorium titled “Marcellus Shale in Our Community: What’s in it for All of Us.” The meeting, attended by some 200 people, was sponsored by the Joint Landowners Coalition of New York (JLCNY). Speakers included: Scott Kurkoski, attorney for the JLCNY; John Holko, president of Lenape Resources; Richard Nyahay, manager of geology for New York State, Gastem; Michael Joy, attorney and oil & gas law professor at SUNY Buffalo; and Bob Williams, landowner and coalition member from the Windsor, NY area.

Among the many interesting slides: Several slides showing the economic impact drilling a single Marcellus Shale gas well would have on the Broome County municipality of Maine, NY. (Hint: Over $1M in revenue each year!)

MDN thanks John Holko, president of Lenape Resources, for supplying a copy of the slides and making them publicly available. You may download a copy of the slides here.

Note: The cover slide says Feb 25, 2011. The meeting was delayed a week due to inclement weather and was actually held on March 4.