New Interactive Map Shows Marcellus Gas Wells in PA

MDN recommends a new online interactive map that shows Marcellus Shale gas wells in Pennsylvania. In fact, there are many such mapping applications out there, but this one stands apart. Bear in mind it is brand new and is still “in development” with plans from its creator to be further developed in the coming few years. But MDN found it to already be a solid and useful tool for anyone with an interest (for or against) Marcellus Shale drilling.

The map can be found at // Here are the steps MDN took to find the map you see embedded below in this article.

  1. On the home page, click the ‘Search’ button along the top.
  2. Check ‘Wells’ and another menu appears. In the ‘County’ dropdown, select your county’s name (MDN chose Susquehanna). In the ‘Well Type’ drop down, select ‘GAS’. Under the ‘Marcellus’ heading check on ‘Only’.
  3. Then click the Search button.
  4. You’ll be presented with a Google map, and you will need to zoom in using the control along the left side of the map. Zoom in by clicking on the + symbol 3-4 times.
  5. You may need to "drag" the map around to see the little push pins, which represent gas wells.

Once you are zoomed in so you can see individual gas wells (the push pins), you can click a specific well’s push pin and a window will open with details on the driller of the well, when the drilling permit was issued, the municipality where the well is located, etc. There are also tabs that show any known (official) violations, what happens with the disposal of the wastewater from the well, and the well’s production—how much gas it has produced.

This mapping application is very well done and MDN commends its creator. We will be keeping an eye on this one as it develops.

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