Polish Delegation Visits WVU to Learn About Drilling for Natural Gas

Representatives from Poland visited the National Research Center for Coal and Energy at West Virginia University on Tuesday to learn more about drilling for shale gas. Poland recently discovered a shale layer in their country similar to the Marcellus Shale layer in the Eastern U.S., and they want to get help with tapping it.

“It’s not easy, as you know,” said Marek Konarzewski, who works in public affairs for the U.S. Embassy of Poland. “There are very many things at stake, environmental concerns and so forth, so first we’d like to know how to proceed and not to repeat some mistakes.”

This trip was an introduction for representatives from two polish universities and members of the polish government to West Virginia University and its energy programs. The delegation’s aim is to collaborate with WVU on new technology and training.

“The university here in Morgantown is one of the most renowned centers for this research in the United States, but also in the world,” Konarzewski said, “so we’re looking for collaboration and I think this is the very first, bold, step in this collaboration.”

*The State Journal (Mar 29, 2011) – Polish Delegation Visits WVU to Learn About Natural Gas