Road Damage from Marcellus Drilling Activity in Marshall County, WV

In parts of Marshall County, WV, the roads are in bad condition due to the heavy truck traffic from Marcellus drilling activity in the area.

Torn up roadways are not just a problem for Marshall County residents anymore. They are also damaging sheriff’s vehicles.

Potholes, unlevel and unpaved roads are all problems that can create havoc on our car, and havoc for local law enforcement vehicles.

"Ball joints are wearing out sooner, and wheels are getting bent from hitting deep holes. We have to put more money in our cars to keep them on the road," Marshall County Sheriff John Gruzinskas said.*

County officials encourage perspective, pointing out the large amount of new tax revenue the county has received from drilling which allowed the county to maintain it’s budget this year, even though other revenue sources have dropped.

Still, officials are not unsympathetic and are arranging a community meeting to address residents’ concerns.

*WTRF-TV (Mar 27, 2011) – Rough Roads Damaging Sheriff’s Vehicles