Steuben County Considers New Road Use Agreement for Drillers Requiring Up To $300K Per Mile for Repairs

Steuben County Public Works Commissioner Vince Spagnoletti is planning for drilling to begin in New York State by drafting conditional road use agreements that drillers must sign before their trucks would be allowed on county roadways.

The agreement now calls for drilling companies to pledge between $150,000 per mile and $300,000 per mile to repair county roads damaged by construction or haulage during future drilling of the Marcellus Shale in Steuben.

Public Works Commissioner Vince Spagnoletti said the drillers’ routes could run 100-150 miles, meaning the gas companies would be required to pledge as much $45 million to ensure county roads will stay in good shape.

“They think it (costs) too much,” Spagnoletti told the county Legislature’s Public Works Committee. “But we think they can pay it.”

Spagnoletti said the amounts are in line with state Department of Transportation’s agreements with local contractors.

Spagnoletti said companies would need to set aside 0.5 percent of the total, or $225,000, before the proposed road use agreement could be signed.

The purpose of the road use agreement is to ensure the companies maintain and repair any county roads damaged by the expected heavy traffic caused by drilling.*

*Steuben Courier-Advocate (Apr 14, 2011) – County, drillers nearing accord on road use agreement