Bipartisan Group of Nine Congressman Tell Obama to Get Fracking – Now

Five Democrat and four Republican Congressman have written a joint, bipartisan letter to President Obama encouraging him to move forward with developing natural gas in the United States, particularly by using “unconventional” hydraulic fracturing. Yes, you read that right. Democrats and Republicans together, agreeing on something—and that something is fracking.

The letter states in part:

As members of both political parties and as citizens in support of your call to get serious about a long-term policy for secure and affordable energy, we urge you and members of your administration to take a leadership role in encouraging the continued development and utilization of our nation’s vast natural gas resources by any means necessary, but most specifically, by unconventional shale gas recovery.

In referring to the State Department’s Global Shale Gas Initiative, a project that seeks to export American technology to other countries to help them develop their own shale gas resources, the Congressman say:

While we are doing this important work abroad, it would be the height of contradiction to place unwarranted restrictions on both the locations and methods by which we attempt to recover our own 2,552 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in the United States.

The committees the Congressman are members of include: the House Armed Services Committee, Select Intelligence Committee, Judiciary Committee, and Homeland Security Committee. The Congressman are:

  • Texas: Michael Conaway (R), Mac Thornberry (R), Henry Cuellar (D)
  • Pennsylvania: Mark Critz (D), Jason Altmire (D), Bill Shuster (R)
  • Ohio: Tim Ryan (D)
  • New York: Tom Reed (R)
  • Oklahoma: Dan Boren (D)

Embedded below is a copy of the full letter.