A Further Update, and a Correction, on Recent Ohio Lease Deals

MDN has recently highlighted a few articles about the increase in activity in Eastern Ohio with new leases being signed. MDN is written from the Southern Tier of New York, so Ohio is not normally my beat. From the press accounts, it appeared to me (in fact it was referenced in the original articles) that the leases were related to the Marcellus Shale. But astute MDN reader and Ohio landowner Dan Ellis wrote a friendly note to let me know that I was wrong. Thanks Dan! I don’t want to perpetuate an inaccuracy.

Here is Dan’s email:

Hi Jim,

I’ve appreciated your coverage of the eastern Ohio gas and oil play. I know that you know that the Utica is THE play in eastern Ohio right now, and that it is being sought as an oil play, although there will be gas coming from it too.  A couple of articles you’ve referenced, namely “Eastern Ohio Landowner Group Nears Deal for Marcellus Lease – Terms Include $3,700 per Acre, 17.5% Royalty”, and “Columbiana County, OH Signs Lease with Chesapeake for Marcellus Drilling – Gets $1.3 Million Signing Bonus” imply that they are for Marcellus leases, but they definitely are not.  In fact it is now routine in the landowner group leases to reserve the Marcellus for the landowner and only lease the Utica to the gas company, and the gas companies have no problem with that, because they aren’t interested in the Marcellus right now.  Just FYI.

Thanks again for all your good efforts.


Harrison County Ohio Landowners Group
"by landowners, for landowners"

A big thanks to Dan Ellis for keeping me straight!

Jim Willis, Editor
Marcellus Drilling News