Anti-Drilling Group PennFuture Sues Ultra Resources Claiming Air Pollution from Gas Wells, Compressor Stations and Pipelines

Anti-drilling group PennFuture is suing driller Ultra Resources claiming they are causing air pollution from almost all of their operations. A copy of the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania is embedded below.

An environmental advocacy group is alleging in a lawsuit that energy company Ultra Resources is violating federal and state air pollution laws at its Marcellus Shale drilling sites in northern Pennsylvania.

PennFuture claimed in its suit filed Wednesday that Houston-based Ultra doesn’t have required permits and is polluting the air in Tioga and Potter counties in northern Pennsylvania.

PennFuture says the offending operations include natural gas wells, pipelines, compressor stations and other equipment.

An Ultra Resources spokeswoman says the firm hasn’t been officially served with the lawsuit and thus can’t comment.

PennFuture says the lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court in Harrisburg and that it is also seeking statewide air pollution records from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection under a separate Right to Know request.*

The PennFuture press release is available here.

*Wall Street Journal/AP (Jul 21, 2011) – Pa. group files air-quality suit against driller

  • Why is any group that expresses concern is automatically tagged as “anti-drilling?” So not true. It is a documented fact that compressor sites belch pollutants. I’ve seen the video and heard testimony from citizens who live next to them. It would cost pennies for these companies to mitigate the bad effects from tyhese fascilities. why not do so? End of issue.

  • Because PennFuture IS anti-drilling. All of their opposition is cleverly disguised as caring about the environment–but at the end of the day, they oppose drilling and use every means at their disposal, including litigation, to do so.