Lawrence County, PA Gets its First Marcellus Shale Well

Lawrence County, a western Pennsylvania county which borders Ohio, has just had its first Marcellus Shale gas well drilled, with hydraulic fracturing of the well under way now. With 815 land leases signed since last year, it’s a pretty safe bet more wells are coming to Lawrence County soon.

Shell Western Exploration and Production of Warrendale, Pa., has drilled its first natural gas well here on farm property of Harry J. Patterson off Mount Air Road in Little Beaver Township, according to information from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

According to Patterson, the well is drilled and fracking is under way.

According to the records, serious leasing began last year, when 536 were signed in the county. Another 194 property leases were signed between January and June, and activity increased last month, with 85 leases recorded in July.

The locations are throughout the county, with higher concentrations in North Beaver and Slippery Rock townships. Other municipalities where leases have been signed are Wayne, Plain Grove, Scott, Shenango, Perry, Pulaski and Mahoning.

Except for the Patterson farm, no other drilling is under way in the county, nor has the DEP issued any other permits.

*New Castle News 27 (Aug 8, 2011) – Marcellus Shale drilling has begun here