Top 7 Marcellus Shale Gas Producers in PA

Who are the biggest producers of Marcellus shale gas in Pennsylvania so far this year? Below is the list of the top seven as compiled from production numbers by the Pittsburgh Business Times.

The following are production numbers for January to June 2011 in Pennsylvania.

#7 – Swepi LP (Shell), with 19,244,227 Mcf of natural gas produced.

#6 – Chevron Corp., with 19,753,767 Mcf of natural gas produced.

#5 – EQT Production Co., with 27,010,017 Mcf of natural gas produced.

#4 – Range Resources Appalachia LLC, with 42,082,045 Mcf of natural gas produced.

#3 – Cabot Oil & Gas Corp., with 54,509,073 Mcf of natural gas produced.

#2 – Talisman Energy USA Inc., with 70,303,806 Mcf of natural gas produced.

#1 – Chesapeake Appalachia LLC, with 79,888,423 Mcf of natural gas produced.

*Pittsburgh Business Times (Oct 2, 2011) – Top 7: Largest Marcellus Shale gas producers statewide

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  • Cherry

    Heard of Fracking but need clarity, these shale producers have supplied oil from fracking to USA STATION causeing barrels (oil )to drop world wide to compete for the market. Am I off track or near the track. Explain than the what is causing the drop in oil prices.

  • It’s pretty simple: More supply than demand. Oil is a commodity market. With the strong and growing volume of oil produced in the U.S., OPEC no longer calls the shots. Used to be OPEC could limit production and cause the price to spike. No more. The U.S. now produces as much oil as Saudi Arabia. So, the simple fact is, we have more oil than we have demand for it, and that’s causing the price to plummet. In time the market will correct and prices will rise again–as they always do. But expect low oil prices to be the norm for months–perhaps several years.