Video: ShaleNavigator in Action

MDN welcomes a new sponsor, ShaleNavigator. MDN editor Jim Willis recently interviewed Ed Camp, creator of ShaleNavigator, about his new online service. Watch and listen to the interview below as Ed walks us through his service with examples of how to use it, and why to use it. ShaleNavigator is perfect for landowners, drilling companies, law firms, businesses and others who need to know how and where shale gas drilling is happening.

Ed uses high quality maps, both street level and aerial, and adds 14 layers (and counting) of information to the maps, including layers to show where drilled wells are located (with data on the well, like who drilled it and how much it’s producing), locations where permits for wells have been issued, company lease positions, lease offers and where pipelines are located. Turn on and off any of the layers, zoom in and out, and even save a map! It’s a fantastic service, worthy of your attention.

Everyone gets a full 30 days to try it for free. After that, it’s a low monthly subscription price of $29 per month, or $319 per year. Sign up for a free trial at:

Running time: 11 minutes 11 seconds