New Frack Wastewater Recycling Plant Coming to Eastern OH

Officials in Mahoning County, Ohio are negotiating with an unnamed company to build a frack water recycling facility in the county. The new facility will treat wastewater, recycling it to be reused in fracking operations. As a bonus, the sewage treatment plant in Mahoning will sell treated water to the new plant, a new revenue stream for the county.

…officials said the facility would be a significant investment in the area. The Mahoning County sanitary engineer said his department is working out a deal to sell water to the company, which will recycle frack water used to drill Marcellus and Utica shale.

"One individual frack takes in the order of 10 million gallons of water, and that water must be supplied and treated afterward," said Mahoning County Sanitary Engineer Robert Lyden. "So there is going to be a gigantic market for this frack water to be treated."

Lyden said it could take a year for the permitting and design of the facility to be complete.

"We’ll be selling water to them to blend with the affluent from their treatment facility so that this water could go back to the frack process and not be discharged anywhere," said Lyden.*

*CBS WKBN-27 (Feb 16, 2012) – Mahoning Negotiating with Frack Water Facility