Man Pleads Guilty to Bypassing Emissions Controls on Marc. Trucks

Last September MDN brought you news that six men had been charged with conspiring to illegally alter emission systems on 30+ trucks with heavy-duty diesel engines used to haul water and wastewater to and from Marcellus Shale wells (see 6 Charged with Bypassing Emissions Controls on Marcellus Trucks). The sixth and final man charged plead guilty yesterday in U.S. Middle District Court in Pennsylvania.
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New Mahoning Injection Well Online Soon; OEPA Issues Violation

In March MDN reported that work has restarted, after eight years, to complete an injection well in Mahoning County, OH (see Work Restarts at 8-Year Dormant Youngstown, OH Injection Well). The Ohio EPA, ever vigilant as they are, recently issued the project a notice of violation…but not for any work related to the injection well itself.
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Tallgrass Expanding Wastewater Disposal Biz in Marcellus/Utica

We caught wind of something on the Tallgrass quarterly conference call yesterday that had previously eluded our otherwise reliable radar. Tallgrass, via its subsidiary BNN Water, bought out and merged in Central Environmental Services back in May. That’s important because Central is a “water services” provider in the Marcellus/Utica. Namely, Central (now BNN) operates three injection wells in Ohio. On yesterday’s Tallgrass conference call, company officials said they are working on a plan to build pipelines to those injection wells, saving a whole bunch of truck trips.
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Belmont County Injection Well Plan Stirs Opposition from Coal Co.

Injection Well Process (click for larger version)

In April, New Jersey-based Omni Energy Group submitted an application with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) to build two new injection wells in Belmont County, OH. The proposal has set off a firestorm of opposition, including opposition from Robert Murray and the Murray Energy Corporation–a coal miner who doesn’t like fair competition from natural gas.
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EPA’s “No Wastewater @ Sewage Plant” Rule Snags PA Conv. Drillers

A federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulation meant to ban wastewater coming from unconventional (shale) wells from being disposed via municipal sewage treatment plants is about to go into effect in August. The new reg, which was first issued by the Obama EPA in 2016 (see EPA Bans Disposal of Frack Wastewater at Public Sewer Plants), will also apply to (snag) a number of Pennsylvania’s conventional oil and gas drillers. Further collateral damage from the new regulation will be local municipalities, some of which will lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue–an economic catastrophe for those communities.
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Researchers Mix Power Plant + Frack Wastewater, Get Clean Water!

Lance Lin, civil and environmental engineering professor, is the lead investigator of a research project aiming to reduce the use of fresh water resources by the nation’s power plants.

We love how innovative our industry, and indeed academic researchers, are. Who would ever think to combine wastewater coming from electric power generating plants with wastewater from oil and gas wells? Both industries, the power industry and the O&G industry, produce a LOT of wastewater. Researchers at West Virginia University have combined both wastewater streams to produce “water that is clean enough to reuse.” How cool is that?!
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Will EPA Allow Treated Frack Wastewater Disposal in Lakes, Rivers?

In May the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published a draft report titled “Study of Oil and Gas Extraction Wastewater Management Under the Clean Water Act” (see EPA Draft Study re Disposing Frack Wastewater in Lakes, Rivers). The study examines the possibility of treating oil and gas wastewater and releasing the cleaned-up wastewater into lakes and rivers, instead of injecting it back down holes in the ground. EPA accepted public comments on the draft report until last Monday. The oil and gas industry provided comments last week supporting the plan to recycle and dispose of wastewater on the surface.
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Eureka Signs JV to Extract Lithium from Marcellus/Utica Wastewater

Eureka Resources Standing Stone Wastewater Treatment Facility

In early March, MDN brought you the news that Eureka Resources, which owns and operates three centralized treatment/recycling facilities that process flowback/produced waters (i.e. wastewater) from the Marcellus Shale, had announced a joint venture with MGX Minerals to use MGX’s high tech solution to recover lithium from Marcellus wastewater (see Eureka to Extract Lithium from Marcellus/Utica Wastewater). The two companies announced earlier today they have finally signed the jv agreement. The announcement includes details about the jv and the tech that will be used.
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Another Post-Gazette Smear Job: Drill Cuttings Pollute Rivers

Yet another attack on the shale industry by two Pittsburgh Post-Gazette “reporters” (propagandists) who have made a career of unfairly attacking shale–Don Hopey and David Templeton. This latest smear job makes the claim that leachate coming from a landfill piped to a municipal wastewater treatment facility is “contaminated” with all sorts of nasty chemicals (what the heck do you think is in leachate, anyway?!). The claim is the chemicals in the leachate are present because of drillers dumping leftover rock and dirt that comes out of the ground when drilling new holes for shale wells into the landfill.
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EPA Draft Study re Disposing Frack Wastewater in Lakes, Rivers

A year ago we told you about the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) launching a new study examining the possibility of treating oil and gas wastewater and (gasp) releasing the cleaned-up wastewater into lakes and rivers, instead of injecting it back down holes in the ground (see EPA Launches Study to Dispose Frack Wastewater in Lakes, Rivers). The EPA asked for “input” from everyone, including the oil and gas industry and Big Green, to help guide their research efforts. On Wednesday the EPA released a first draft of the study.
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Shale Wastewater Pipelines in PA – The Next Big Thing?

Are underground shale wastewater pipelines the “next big thing” for the Pennsylvania midstream (i.e. pipeline) industry? According to Thomas Karam, CEO of Equitrans Midstream Corp. (formerly EQT Midstream), they just may be. Most of Equitrans’ pipeline business is flowing natural gas. A little bit of their business is dedicated to flowing wastewater. Karam wants to grow that little bit into a much bigger bit.
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Antero’s WV Frack Wastewater Plant “Best Project Like it in World”

Clearwater Facility

Antero Resources’ innovative wastewater recycling facility in Doddridge County, WV began operation in November 2017 (see Antero’s $275M WV Wastewater Recycling Facility Ready to Launch). Since that time, the Clearwater Facility has continued to expand. Today it operates at about 70% of its full capacity.
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Judge Orders Grant Twp to Pay PGE $102K in Legal Fees

Pennsylvania towns that pass sketchy local ordinances that skirt state laws are on notice: It’s going to cost you. Big. For the past several years we’ve reported on the case of Grant Township, PA that passed an ordinance cooked up by the radical Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) to try and block a state-approved injection well. The ordinance was tossed by a judge, and now the town will have to pay $102,000 in legal fees incurred by the operator.
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Jessup Votes to Allow Power Plant Water in Local Sewage System

Credit: Power Technology (click for larger version)

Here’s one we consider a conundrum. In Jan. 2018 MDN told you that the Borough of Jessup (Lackawanna County), PA was supposed to rule, quickly, on a request by Invenergy to allow a new power plant it was building at the time to, when fully built and operating, discharge up to 56,600 gallons of “wastewater” (heated water) per day in the borough’s sewage system (see New Town Board Tries to Stop Nearly-Done Gas-Fired Plant in Jessup). The plant has been operating since early this year, but the borough just voted to approve the sewage wasterwater plan…yesterday.
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Work Restarts at 8-Year Dormant Youngstown, OH Injection Well

click for larger version

A wastewater injection well that was drilled some eight years ago but never opened for business near Youngstown, OH is once again seeing construction activity–in preparation to bring the well online. Although the Northstar Collins #6 well was drilled years ago, the original permit to operate it is expired. The Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources (ODNR) says they are talking with the owners and expect a new permit application to be filed any time now.
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