CNX CEO Backs New SWPA Group to Counter “Elites and Extremists”

Credit: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (click for larger version)

Some 500 people from labor unions and industry met in Pittsburgh yesterday to launch an organization called Pittsburgh Works Together, dedicated to fighting back against those who want to end southwest PA industries including steel, natural gas, and petrochemicals. Among those who attended and spoke was CNX Resources CEO Nick Deluliis who said he wants to create a future for everyone, not just “elites and extremists.” Deluliis also said the new Pittsburgh Work Together group “is about one thing in the end, and that’s fighting for the soul of this region.” Nick is on a tear!
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PA, Feds on Witch Hunt to Make Revolution Pipe Accident a Crime

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, a leftist Democrat who wants to succeed Tom Wolf as governor, likes to investigate accidents related to the shale industry to see if he can turn them into crimes (see our lengthy list of stories here). Add one more to the list: Since last year Shapiro has been investigating the Revolution Pipeline blast in western PA for potential crimes. He now has company.
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Chevron Cutting 320 Jobs in Marcellus/Utica Beginning April 6th

By the end of this year, Chevron will have eliminated 320 jobs in its Marcellus/Utica operation. Some 288 of those positions will be gone from the company’s regional headquarters in Moon Township (Allegheny County, PA), and another 32 will be gone from the company’s Mount Braddock location (Fayette County, PA). The company says it will try to find new assignments for as many people as possible. The layoffs begin on April 6.
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CNX Files Lawsuit Against Builder of SWPA Compressor Station

CNX Resources is in a spat with Applied Construction Solutions over the construction of a compressor station Applied built for CNX. The spat is about money. CNX says it signed a contract to have its Morris Compressor Station built for $12.4 million. After several renegotiations (change orders) the price was adjusted to $15.2 million. But when CNX got a final bill for $19 million, they balked.
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Danny DeVito is Pro-Shale! Runs for PA State House in SWPA

We almost didn’t run this post, but, well, it was just too funny not to! Danny DeVito is running to become the next representative for the 45th District of the Pennsylvania State House, located in Allegheny County (i.e. Pittsburgh). And he’s running as a Republican on a pro-shale drilling platform! Wait, isn’t Danny DeVito that really short Hollywood actor who’s an uber-liberal and hardened Democrat?! Indeed he is. But we’re not talking about *that* Danny DeVito.
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PA Highlighted in New National Ad Campaign “Energy for Progress”

Yesterday the American Petroleum Institute (API) launched “Energy for Progress,” a nationwide TV and digital ad campaign highlighting the natural gas and oil industry’s leadership in reducing emissions to record low levels and supporting economic and environmental progress in local communities. One of the seven local communities highlighted was Moon Township, in Allegheny County, PA. Local workers and business owners appear in broadcast videos and digital ads.
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ET Allowed to Fix/Restart Revolution Pipe…After Record $30M Fine

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The Pennsylvania Dept. of Environmental Protection (DEP) has just issued the largest single fine to any single company in its history–$30.6 million assessed on Energy Transfer for the explosion of the Revolution Pipeline–a gathering pipeline located in southwestern PA. The fine, along with new plans and assurances by ET, means the company can finally, some 17 months after the explosion, fix the damaged pipeline and return it to service.
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SWPA County Political Leaders Voice Support for Petchem, Shale

In a speech delivered October 31 to the P4 Climate Action Summit in downtown Pittsburgh, Mayor Bill Peduto declared his hatred for the petrochemical industry. He doesn’t want any more Shell crackers junking up his regional backyard. The highly negative reaction to Peduto’s idiotic (and pandering) remarks was swift. What petchem company wants to build in a region where the mayor of its largest city is trash talking the industry? In a bid to counter Peduto’s economically damaging remarks, some 20 county officials from Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Fayette, Greene, Lawrence, Mercer, Washington and Westmoreland counties issued a joint statement on Wednesday to show their support for the petrochemical and shale industries in the region.
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Making the Case for Crackers, Other Petchem Plants in SWPA

Speaking of cracker plants and the exciting news that ExxonMobil is very actively searching for a location in the Marcellus/Utica region to build one (see today’s lead story), the fact that Exxon is looking is driving leftist environmental kooks bonkers. They hate the Shell cracker going up in Beaver County, and they want to ensure there are no other such plants built anywhere in the region–or at least in Pennsylvania. The eco-leftists have bullied Pittsburgh’s Mayor Bill Peduto to join their cause, who recently stated in a speech, “I oppose any additional petrochemical companies coming to western Pennsylvania.” The president of the Pennsylvania Chemical Industry Council has responded to Peduto’s inane comments, exposing him for the dunce he is.
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Shale Insight Day 1: President Trump’s Rousing Speech

President Trump was in rare form as he addressed several thousand people at the 2019 Shale Insight event. He was the closing keynote speaker of the first day of the conference. MDN editor Jim Willis was there to capture the speech for our readers. After acknowledging and praising three cabinet officials who came along with Trump–Dept. of Interior Secretary David Bernhardt, Dept. of Energy Secretary Rick Perry, and EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler (all of whom Trump had high praise for)–Trump opened his remarks this way: “I was here three years ago and you’re much happier now. You’re much wealthier now.” Trademark Trump!
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Shale Insight Day 1: Other Media Coverage of Trump’s Speech

Credit: Keith Srakocic/ AP (click for larger version)

We thought we would bring you coverage of Trump’s speech from other sources, mainstream media sources. Believe or not, it was hard to find coverage! There was plenty of reporting on a small group of Trump haters who protested hours before (and even after) Trump visited Pittsburgh. A few were arrested for sitting down in an active roadway. The haters and their message largely had nothing to do with energy, which was the focus of Trump’s speech (excepting the sign you see in the picture, which we found hilarious). Haters gonna hate, just shake it off (Taylor Swift). Below we have several articles by reporters who attended yesterday’s Trump speech at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh.
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Shale Insight Day 1: Fireside Chat with Toby Rice of EQT

Dave Spigelmyer (left) and Dan Rice

Shale Insight 2019, being held in Pittsburgh on Wednesday and Thursday, kicked off with a “fireside chat” between Marcellus Shale Coalition President Dave Spigelmyer and EQT CEO Toby Rice. While President Trump’s visit later in the day was certainly a highlight and focus (who doesn’t want to tell their kids and grand kids they saw the President?!), we would say, in all honesty, that the bigger highlight for those in the industry was the opportunity to hear Toby Rice. We would say his talk was more anticipated than Trump’s visit.
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Pittsburgh Intl Airport to Generate Electricity Using Shale Gas

In March 2018 MDN brought you the news that Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) was exploring the possibility of producing its own electricity (see Pittsburgh Airport Plans NatGas Microgrid to Attract New Business). You may recall that CONSOL Energy (now CNX Resources) previously drilled a bunch of wells on airport property and now produces a boatload of natgas every day. The plan would be to use some of that gas to power a microgrid to lower the cost of electricity at the airport complex–a complex where officials are attempting to attract businesses to locate. The possibility is becoming a reality.
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President Trump Coming to Pittsburgh Shale Insight Event Next Wk

President Donald J. Trump

Look who’s coming to town! President Trump will be the keynote speaker at Shale Insight in Pittsburgh next week. Trump previously addressed Shale Insight attendees in 2016 when he was running for president, and MDN was there (see Highlights from 2016 Shale Insight, Day Two – Trump!). MDN will be there again this time to capture Trump’s comments and share them with you. But President Trump isn’t the only reason to go…
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