Judge Refuses to Shut Down Orange County, NY Gas-Fired Plant

CPV Valley Energy Center

Last October Competitive Power Ventures’ 680-megawatt CPV Valley Energy Center in Wawayanda (Orange County), NY fired up and began producing, using Marcellus gas, enough electricity to power 600,000 liberal NY homes (see CPV Marcellus-Fired Elec Plant in Orange County Now Online!). New York Gov. Cuomo tried his best to block the plant from going online, but failed.
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CT Wisely Reconsiders, Allows NatGas Power Plant to Proceed

The State of Connecticut’s “Siting Council” has changed its mind. In 2016, NTE Energy proposed building a 650-megawatt natural gas-fired electric plant in Killingly. The Siting Council said NTE couldn’t justify the plant and refused to issue a certificate. That was then, this is now. The Siting Council is once again actively considering the project. What changed?
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NY Court Shoots Down Request to Roll Back Power Plant Conversion

It is beyond bizarre that the Sierra Club, which claims it defends the environment, works so hard to stop electric generating plants from converting from coal to natural gas. As we pointed out yesterday, gas-fired plants produce a small fraction of nasty pollutants like sulfur dioxide, compared with coal (see PA DEP to Issue “Acid Rain Permit” to Scranton Gas-Fired Power Plant). Yet the Sierra Club continues to launch lawsuit after lawsuit aimed at stopping conversion from coal to gas. Why?
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Acid Rain Emissions from Power Plants Flat Thru 2050 Thx to Shale

Yesterday MDN brought you the story of a so-called acid rain permit issued to Pennsylvania’s largest natural gas-fired electric generating plant (see PA DEP to Issue “Acid Rain Permit” to Scranton Gas-Fired Power Plant). We outlined in that article the teeny tiny amount of sulfur dioxide (SO2), the stuff that causes acid rain, that gas-fired plants emit compared to coal and oil-fired plants.
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Radicals Protest NatGas-Fired Electric Plant in Dutchess Co., NY

James Cromwell – gas protester (and actor)

We recently brought you the news of four supposedly grown men (in their 30s to 50s) engaging in criminal activity in order to block delivery of large gas turbines to the Cricket Valley Energy Center project in Dover (Dutchess County), NY (see 4 Protesters Arrested in CT for Blocking Gas-Fired Turbine Shipment). In what appears to be a Big Green organized protest, some of the same people who have protested other gas plant projects showed up to mouth off about the Cricket Valley project.
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EmberClear’s Cadiz, OH Gas-Fired Power Plant Slightly Delayed

Artist rendering of Harrison Hills Power Plant

In September 2016, MDN reported that EmberClear planned to fund and build a new $900 million electric generating plant in Harrison County (see $900M Utica Gas-Fired Electric Plant Coming to Harrison County, OH). The project was supposed to begin construction by the end of last year, but didn’t.
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4 Protesters Arrested in CT for Blocking Gas-Fired Turbine Shipment

Honest to God, we want to know, how do people get this stupid? Four adult men–three so-called farmers and one 38-year-old egghead student–chained themselves to a fossil fuel-belching farm tractor in the middle of a busy road in Connecticut to block a shipment of turbines on the way to a new natgas-fired electric plant under construction…in order to protest fossil fuels.
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NatGas & Renewables 98% of New Electric Generation Coming in 2019

Last week our favorite government agency, the U.S. Energy Information Administration, published a post about electricity generation that predicts that in 2019 more gigawatts of electricity will come online from wind-powered sources than either solar or natural gas. Together renewables and natgas represent 98% of all new electric generating sources coming online in 2019.
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Virginia’s Biggest NatGas-Fired Power Station Goes Online

Greensville County Power Station (click for larger version)

In March 2015, Dominion announced plans to build the State of Virginia’s largest natural gas powered electric generating plant, in Greensville County, VA (see Virginia’s Largest Electric Plant to be Powered by Marcellus Gas). The $1.3 billion state-of-the-art natural gas-fired electric generating station generates 1,588 megawatts of electricity. Construction began in June 2016 (see Dominion Begins Building Virginia’s Biggest NatGas Power Station). And finally on Saturday, Dec. 8, the plant went online. Dominion’s own 600-mile Atlantic Coast Pipeline (when completed) will provide cheap, abundant, clean-burning Marcellus/Utica Shale gas to power it. Until Atlantic Coast is up and running, where will the gas come from to power it? We couldn’t find confirmation on the source of gas that feeds it now–but we’re guessing it’s Marcellus gas, making this a hugely important new market for our gas.
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