PA, OH Bills Would Prop Up Failing/Expensive Nuclear Power Plants

New York State is already doing it, Pennsylvania is actively considering doing it, and now, Ohio has caught the contagion too. The “it” we’re talking about is soaking electric rate payers to pump more money into the coffers of big corporations so they can keep uneconomic and financially failing nuclear electric generating plants operating. Both PA and OH lawmakers have floated plans to soak rate payers in their respective states.
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WV’s First Gas-Powered Elec Plant Begins Construction This Summer

Energy Solutions Consortium (ESC), based in Buffalo, NY, will begin construction on West Virginia’s very first Marcellus gas-fired electric generating plant sometime “this summer.” The exact date has not yet been set, but should be announced soon. However, in a bit of a surprise (for us), the state’s first natgas-fired plant to get built will not be (as we thought) in Brooke County. Instead, it will be in Harrison County.
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MIT Claims New Filter Helps NatGas Burn Cleaner

MIT researchers have developed a new polymer membrane that can dramatically improve the efficiency of natural gas purification, while reducing its environmental impact. (Image: Chelsea Turner, MIT)

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) claim to have discovered a new way to filter natural gas before it’s burned to remove the presence of “contaminants” like carbon dioxide within the gas, so that the methane will burn cleaner. If true, perhaps gas-fired electric plants will become zero-carbon emitting sources of cheap electricity. We can hear the screams of fossil fuel haters everywhere.
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NY’s Indian Point Nuke Plant Down for 2 Weeks – NatGas Saved the Day

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo finally got his wish last year by forcing the operator of the Indian Point Energy Center (nuclear power plant) located near New York City to agree to partially close down next year, and fully close down in 2021. We recently got a small preview of what will happen when Indian Point goes offline. In March Indian Point went completely offline for two weeks–scheduled outage for one reactor, and a malfunction in the other. Guess which form of energy took up the slack? It wasn’t solar. It wasn’t wind. It wasn’t hydro. It wasn’t magic fairy dust. It was natural gas that rode in to save the day.
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Jessup Votes to Allow Power Plant Water in Local Sewage System

Credit: Power Technology (click for larger version)

Here’s one we consider a conundrum. In Jan. 2018 MDN told you that the Borough of Jessup (Lackawanna County), PA was supposed to rule, quickly, on a request by Invenergy to allow a new power plant it was building at the time to, when fully built and operating, discharge up to 56,600 gallons of “wastewater” (heated water) per day in the borough’s sewage system (see New Town Board Tries to Stop Nearly-Done Gas-Fired Plant in Jessup). The plant has been operating since early this year, but the borough just voted to approve the sewage wasterwater plan…yesterday.
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PA Anti Group Seeks to Block New NatGas Elec Plants with New Law

The radical group Citizens for a Healthy Jessup is floating a plan to try and prevent any new Marcellus gas-fired electric plants from getting built in the Keystone State. Aided and abetted by a corrupt local newspaper, the group tries to pass itself off as a collection of local concerned citizens. It’s nothing of the sort.
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Delayed Michigan Gas-Fired Plant Close to Construction Start

In October 2016, Indeck Energy announced a plan to build a $1 billion electric generating plant (powered by natural gas) in Niles, Michigan, not far from Chicago (see $1B Electric Plant Planned Near Chicago, M-U Connection?). In February 2018, Indeck said construction would begin in summer 2018 (see Indeck to Start Building $1B Gas-Powered Electric Plant in Michigan). Never happened.
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M-U Transload Facility in OH Getting Gas-Fired Power Plant 2021

Aerial view of the Long Ridge Energy Terminal from the Ohio River

In January 2018 MDN brought you news from the new owners of what is now called the Long Ridge Energy Terminal in Monroe County, OH (transloading facility) that they were moving forward “quickly” with plans to build a 485-megawatt Utica gas-fired electric plant. The plan was to have it online and running in 2020. That’s now been pushed back to late 2021.
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Marcellus-Fired Power Plant Project Near Richmond, VA Advances

click for larger version

Local media in Charles County County, Va. is shocked and surprised at how little opposition there is to a planned new mammoth Marcellus-fired electric generating plant coming to the county. The Chickahominy Power Station, as it’s called, will be a 1,650 megawatt state-of-the-art natural gas-fired power plant (see Huge New Marcellus-Fired Power Plant Coming Near Richmond, VA). A public comment period closed yesterday and by all appearances, this project will indeed receive state approval and will get built–with little opposition.
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Shell Plans to be World’s Biggest Electric Producer, Using NatGas

Here’s a mind-blower: Royal Dutch Shell is the world’s second largest oil producer (by market value). Yet a Shell official recently said his company wants to be “the largest electricity power company in the world in the early 2030s.” Within 15 years Shell wants to be THE world’s #1 electricity producer! And they plan to do it by using natural gas as the fuel to create all that electricity.
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Where Will New NatGas Demand Come From? Hint: Not Residential

A recent Bloomberg article got it wrong, as they typically do, with this headline: “Biggest Threat to Once-Prized Gas Is Getting Kicked Out of Homes.” Residential natural gas use has been relatively flat, for years. Yet natural gas demand has rocked upward, which begs the question–so who are the new customers using all that gas? MDN friend Jude Clemente has the answer…
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Proposed Rhode Island Gas-Fired Plant Still has a Pulse

Last September MDN told you that a new natgas-fired electric plant planned for the People’s Republic of Rhode Island in Burrillville was on life support, with antis reaching to pull the plug (see Proposed Rhode Island Gas-Fired Plant on Life Support). Sometimes patients just won’t die. Such is the case with this project, which resumes state hearings this week.
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Cuomo Banning 3,500 MW of Electric Generation w/No Replacement

NY Gov. Cuomo

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is pulling another boner. Under Cuomo’s direction, the state Dept. of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has issued new draft regulations aimed at shutting down most of the state’s “peaker plants”–small electric generating plants that produce electricity for brief periods during high demand. The plants are powered by nasty, filthy fossil fuels and that, according to Lord Cuomo, must end.
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