NY Anti-Drilling Group Tense that Drilling May Soon Begin

One of the most rabidly anti-drilling organizations in New York is NYRAD—New York Residents Against Drilling. They are a fringe organization, but they do have a following. When MDN received a copy of NYRAD’s latest call-to-action-the-sky-is-falling-oh-woe-is-me missive, it contained a couple of interesting tidbits (see a copy of the full notice embedded below).

It seems NYRADers believe that:

  • Gov. Andrew Cuomo will keep his word and decide on whether or not drilling will go forward—and that the decision will come very soon (and they’re concerned it will be a “yes”);
  • There is serious consideration being given to a pilot project that would allow up to 300 wells to be drilled over the next three years;
  • There is serious consideration being given to a “no drill zone” that includes not only the Syracuse watershed and the New York City watershed, but all of the Catskills, Finger Lakes region, Delaware River Water Gap and Cooperstown areas.

NYRAD wants its members and those who support them to inundate local state politicians, asking them to sign this pledge:

Given the irreparable harm that shale gas extraction could wreak on New York’s environment and public health, I request that Governor Cuomo maintain DEC’s de facto moratorium on Marcellus Shale horizontal hydrofracturing until there is a consensus among all local, state and federal authorities as well as potentially impacted parties that the 17 major shortcomings documented in the Withdraw the Revised Draft SGEIS Coalition Letter have been fully resolved.

Given the hyperventilation by NYRAD and other anti-drilling groups, perhaps New York is much closer to commencement of drilling than MDN thought!

  • Anonymous

    I hope NYRAD is correct and it is only 8 short weeks away until a decision is made. I’ve been reading that it is still several months away????

  • Anonymous

    The ” perfect storm” is about to happen, Gasoline will be $5.00 per gallon. What to do, what to do, oh my? To all you anti’s that want to stay slaves to OPEC, this is your gift.  Do you hear that big sucking sound? That’s the sound of OPEC sucking as much money out of your wallets as they can. Rumors of Iran having Nuclear capabilities, gas goes up.Greece may go bankrupt, gas goes up, Israel may strike Iran, gas goes up, Iran threatens to cut of oil supplies, gas goes up , GET IT !!! Get our gas here, that’s NG of course, we wont have to be so concerned what happens on the other side of the earth, do we? Where is the next Anti OPEC meeting? I want to JOIN with you in it. Wake up all you Anti’s, your about to get raped at the pump, no, you are already getting raped at the pump, OPEC is just coming back for seconds, and laughing all the way to the bank, their banks.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, By the way I forgot to add, hey Andy boy and Martens, see what your procrastination brings? NY of course will be the first ones to see that $5.00 per gallon price, if it hasn’t happened already, watch the economy do a nose dive right before your eyes. Watch that Jobs,Jobs, Jobs B.S. plan also come to a screeching halt.  It will cost the City millions of extra dollars to run its municipalities. Didn’t for see this one did you? Again Andy, make the”EASY” call, stop the bleeding of NY and NYers, sign the order to proceed with NG gas exploration, NOW !! The SGEIS is in place, hire DEC trained officers to oversee each well drilled, and watch the tax dollars come rolling in.Let upstate NYers, finally reap some of the benefits city folk has historically been blessed with. Get all city vehicle turned over to NG asap,then you’ll actually be able to breath some fresh air in that city of smog.And the big one get our asses off the OPEC strong hold once and for all !!!!!! 

  • Anonymous

    Wow!  They are asking Sen. Tom Libous to sign that drivel. One of the only Politicians on the board who is pro drilling. I sure hope Sen. Libous reads everything before he signs it. I hope G&O and the landowner groups are lobbying their butts off in Albany. Gas is $3.95 by me and climbing. Even the anti-driller enviro-nut has to get to work some how. I would imagine bicycle sales should be booming in places like Tompkins county (yeah that’s sarcasm). I guess it will be big oils fault there is not enough gas to fuel their hybrids. Don’t drill, no pipe line, blah blah blah. Then you hear from the same voice- “Why is gas going up? I can’t afford it. The government should do more to keep our oil from going overseas.” Liberals are like listening to Varuka Salt.
    BTW Where is the President on the rising gas prices?. . .What’s his plan to help the middle class and the impoverished who will not make more money but will have to absorb the price at the pump? Again crickets chirping is all I hear.  He needs to do a 180on  the XL pipeline and MANDATE all states who have drillable natural resources to immediately lift any bans and get going.
    Lastly I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but Isreal is a hiccup away from turning Iran into a glass parking lot. If that happens the region where the world gets it’s oil will be at war. All Islamic countries will alighn and wage war against Israel and the west. If you think we have problems now you aint seen nothing yet.

  • Anonymous

    They might’ve won a “no contest” by luck. Even if New York opens up to drilling, the majority of the Marcellus fairway in that region is dry gas. Most producers have scaled back or eliminating dry gas E&P with the low market prices, escalating fees and taxes, and huge rise in costs of construction.