Southwest PA Landowner Group Forms with 11,300 Acres

A group of landowners in Somerset County,  PA (southwestern part of the state) has formed and is looking to lease a block of 11,300 acres of land for shale oil and gas drilling. The group is called the Casselman Valley Landowner Group and is conducting meetings to recruit new members.

Property owners in Elk Lick, Greenville, Summit, Larimer, Addison and Milford Townships have shown a committed interest in leasing 11,300 acres of land for drilling purposes, according to Jake Polochak, an attorney representing the Casselman group.

Polochak works for Morascyzk and Polochak, a law firm based out of Washington. The firm is working with Shale Marketers LLC to develop a land mass that can be marketed to prospective gas and oil companies.

The group is free to join and doesn’t lock members into leasing their property, Polochak said. Some of the benefits include help with legal issues, such as review of their leases and assistance with any title problems. Members also receive group discounts for residential water testing.
"This group gives leverage to negotiate community-wide benefits," Polochak said.*

*Somerset (PA) Daily American (Feb 7, 2012) – More than 11,000 acres committed to oil and gas leasing