New Website Connects Businesses to Marcellus Drilling Industry

Marcellus on Main Street websiteHere’s a great idea: Why not start a website where companies already involved in the Marcellus drilling industry, and those companies who want to work with them, service them, do business with them, can also be listed, so they can “connect.” Sort of Facebook or LinkedIn for Marcellus-related businesses. The Marcellus Shale coalition has done just that! The new website they’ve created to connect businesses interested in the Marcellus is called Marcellus on Main Street and is located at:

The website just launched yesterday, so it’s not full of listings yet. It does contain Marcellus Shale Coalition member firms, which is a great start. If you work at or own a business and want to list it on the site, the listing is free. (Sorry! I was wrong, the listing is not free but $25.) Your business may be trucking, or haircutting—it makes no difference. If you want to provide a service or sell something to the drilling industry, get your business listed in this new directory.

From the MSC press release announcing the new website:

Today, the Marcellus Shale Coalition (MSC) unveiled the first online business directory — Marcellus on Main Street — designed exclusively to connect the natural gas industry with small- and medium-sized businesses across the region.  This new, interactive web-based portal — — will bring together entrepreneurs and small businesses with energy and services companies, contractors, and suppliers in New York, West Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

MSC members and staff joined Marcellus on Main Street members and regional economic development partners at five simultaneous events in Philadelphia, Johnstown, Williamsport, Washington, and Cranberry Township this morning for business networking events previewing the directory.

“Small businesses are truly the backbone of the American economy, and play an incredibly vital role in the growing and robust supply chain that makes responsible natural gas development possible.  This cascading and positive economic impact extends far beyond the well site and pipelines,” said MSC president Kathryn Klaber.  “Partnering with regional chambers of commerce, Marcellus on Main Street will provide a unique resource for small- and mid-sized businesses to continue playing an even more significant role in this historic economic opportunity.”

Marcellus on Main Street is a business directory to support responsible shale gas development by connecting the natural gas industry, and its employees, to local vendors, suppliers, and services — no matter how small a business may be.  Partnering with regional chambers of commerce and economic development organizations, hundreds of small businesses have already registered in the directory.

“Our Guiding Principles are underpinned by our commitment to generating sustainable and broad-based economic benefits for all.  This site reaffirms and further strengthens that commitment to ensuring that the enormous economic benefits tied to American natural gas are fully realized across the entire region, especially for small businesses,” added Klaber.

Marcellus on Main Street is a mobile optimized site, allowing for quick and easy use from mobile devices and smart phones.  Interested businesses are encouraged to visit the site – or contact [email protected] – for more information.*

*Marcellus Shale Coalition (Mar 6, 2012) – MSC Launches Marcellus on Main Street Initiative