Susquehanna County, PA Hosts 8 of Top 10 Shale Gas Wells

Although Dimock, in Susquehanna County, PA seems to be known for water problems from unrelenting negative press, it should be known for another reason—it’s home to the state’s number one producing Marcellus Shale gas well, the King 2. In fact, Dimock and neighboring Springville Township host eight of the state’s 10 most productive shale gas wells, according to recent reports from the PA DEP.

According to data released recently by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, eight of that state’s 10 most-productive shale gas wells from July to December of 2011 were drilled in two townships in rural Susquehanna County.

The most productive wells were drilled by Cabot Oil & Gas in Dimock and Springville townships, which produced 83 billion cubic feet of natural gas in the six-month reporting period.

"Based on the thickness … it is just one of the sweetest places to be," said Cabot spokesman George Stark.

The most productive well in the state, Cabot’s "King 2," produced more than 3 billion cubic feet of natural gas — about enough to heat 40,000 homes for a year.

Including production from all energy companies, Susquehanna County produced 111 billion cubic feet of natural gas in those six months — enough to heat 1.6 million homes for a year. Even with natural gas prices at an all-time low, that’s about $275 million worth of energy.

For the 2011 calendar year, Susquehanna County produced 194 billion cubic feet of natural gas — about a fifth of Pennsylvania’s statewide total, which was just over one trillion cubic feet.*

*Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin (Mar 3, 2012) – Susquehanna County gas wells are most productive in Pa.