Gov. Kasich: Shale Drilling is Good, but OH Needs Diversity

Speaking at the Eastern Ohio Development Alliance’s annual meeting last Friday, Ohio Gov. John Kasich said that although he supports shale oil and gas drilling in the Marcellus and Utica Shales in his state, he doesn’t want to put all of Ohio’s economic eggs in one basket. He said the state needs to focus on more than just the energy sector to help elevate Ohio out of its current economic doldrums.

Gov. John Kasich, although supportive of efforts to tap the potential oil and gas resources of the Marcellus and Utica shale formation, said Friday that we cannot rely on that industry as a panacea for our economic woes.

"In this part of the state, everyone is excited and pumped up about energy," Kasich said. "God bless you. "We don’t know the full extent of it and we don’t know how it will flow. But we know we have some [oil and gas] and we know it’s good.

"This state, for too many years, relied on manufacturing and autos to drive Ohio’s economic success. That means that, when a torpedo is launched at the auto and manufacturing industry, it sinks our state economically."

Kasich said Ohio needs to take a multifaceted approach to rejuvenating economic vitality.

"What I am saying to all of you here is that we’re going to develop the resources of oil and gas. But let’s not just focus there. We need an economic development program that creates diversity within our region so that we are not held captive to what can go wrong, go awry, go amiss."*

*Cambridge (OH) The Daily Jeffersonian (Apr 29, 2012) – Kasich: Oil prospects good, but a diverse economy is needed