NatGas Commodity Price Hits 10-Year Low, Facts & Figures

trending downYesterday the commodity price of natural gas hit a 10-year low, $1.984 per 1,000 cubic feet. There will be plenty of stories in the press about it. However, in one of those stories, we get this interesting and helpful information about the price, as well as the areas producing the most natural gas and the drillers producing it:

Prices and costs*

  • Current U.S. futures price: $1.984 per 1,000 cubic feet
  • All-time low: $1.32 (Jan. 13, 1995)
  • All-time high: $15.38 (Dec. 13, 2005)
  • 10-year average: $5.96
  • Current price in Asia: $15.90
  • Current price in Europe: $9.37


  • Top 5 producers of natural gas in the U.S.: ExxonMobil, Chesapeake Energy, Anadarko Petroleum, Devon Energy, Encana.
  • Top 5 producing states in the U.S.: Texas, Alaska, Louisiana, Wyoming, Oklahoma.
  • Top 5 producing countries: U.S., Russia, Iran, Algeria, Canada.

*Monroe (LA) The News Star (Apr 12, 2012) – Natural gas price declines