Chemical Reporting Service Expands Rapidly, the hydraulic fracturing chemical registry website, is now just over one year old and contains detailed information on the fracking chemicals used in over 18,000 hydraulically fractured wells. is an independent organization that enjoys both drilling industry and environmental group support. With over 200 drillers now submitting data to the website, it has become the de facto standard source for fracking chemical data, expanding rapidly each month as more and more drillers use the service.

A press release issued today describes in more detail and links to online training offered by the organization along with a video of highlights from the past “wild ride” year: celebrated its first anniversary in April 2012 reporting hydraulic fracturing chemicals used in more than 15,000 wells with over 200 participating companies and, only a month later the website holds information for almost 18,000 well sites.

A joint development by the Ground Water Protection Council and Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission, FracFocus is a voluntary registry website that allows the public to find a well and the chemicals used during the hydraulic fracturing process.

“FracFocus places valuable information into the public conversation, allowing a better understanding of the gas extraction process occurring within communities across the state and nation. Transparency is important as shale gas development expands in North America, and FracFocus allows people to track the use of products being used by this industry,” said Thomas B. Murphy, Co-Director Penn State Marcellus Center for Outreach and Research.

In collaboration with energy companies, state regulators and environmental groups, the website also provides about 60 pages of information including the hydraulic fracturing process, chemical use and regulations for each state.

The site has been so widely received that eight states have created legislation requiring companies to report hydraulic fracturing chemicals and more considering rules for reporting to FracFocus, including the Bureau of Land Management. In addition, the province of British Columbia has modified a site in conjunction with FracFocus to serve Canada, And even more countries are discussing FracFocus as a means to provide their citizens public transparency and readily available information.

“Hydraulic fracturing has brought our country several steps closer to energy independence,” said Governor Sean Parnell of Alaska. “FracFocus sheds an objective light on this breakthrough technology that has produced jobs for Americans and affordable energy to power people’s homes and businesses.”

With help from Environmentally Friendly Drilling Systems Program, managed by the Houston Advanced Research Center, and the Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) at Texas A&M University, an online webinar is now available for companies to effectively train appropriate personnel who will disclose information to FracFocus. This 15 minute webinar explains the company registration process and the procedures for designating system users and managing disclosure records.

FracFocus has made substantial progress in just one year and will continue to improve and adapt to help serve the states and public. Over the next year, FracFocus will implement several modifications to upgrade the site including the creation of more uniform reports, state agency access to records and, most importantly, enhanced search capabilities.

Visit for more information or to find the online webinar training. Now please celebrate with us by watching our FracFocus anniversary celebration video that presents highlights from the past year.*

* (May 25, 2012) – FracFocus Celebrates First Anniversary Reporting More than 15,0000 Wells Sites and 200 Participating Companies