Local Groups Discuss Gas Drilling in Madison County, NY

Citizens for Safe Energy of Madison County (NY) and The Madison County Natural Gas Development Working Group held a joint public information session on Wednesday evening to reveal findings of the Working Group’s research. One of the loud and clear messages of the evening was this advice for landowners who are contemplating leasing their land for drilling: get a lawyer first.

Working Group Chairman and Town of Nelson Supervisor Roger Bradstreet explained the geology of Madison County. The Marcellus is too shallow—too near the surface in Madison to be commercially viable—at least in most of the county. However, the Utica Shale is a viable layer to drill in the county. He also had this to say about current drilling and leasing activity in the county:

Bradstreet said, “Lebanon is the only town to my knowledge with existing wells in Madison County, or of recent producing gas from about 30 wells. In Madison County there are approximately 500 leases signed to date.”*

Those currently producing wells would be vertical (conventional) gas wells, not horizontal shale wells. Still, 500 leases is a respectable number—it shows there’s interest even in those locations along the edges of the Marcellus and Utica fairways.

For a detailed report on the meeting, click the link below.

*Madison County (NY) Courier (May 31, 2012) – Madison County Gas Development Working Group Calls for Balanced Tapping of Natural Gas Resources