Al “Crucify Them” Armendariz Goes to Work for Sierra Club

Where do former EPA officials go after they’ve been outted as extremist anti-drillers—so extreme even the head honchos in Obama’s EPA can’t stomach them anymore? Why, the Sierra Club, of course!

You may remember the rightful furor over comments made public by then-EPA Region 6 Administrator Al Armendariz about how his philosophy on the enforcement of EPA regulations against drillers is to find a few and make examples of them. You know, like the Romans used to do when they entered a village and crucified the first five men they found. His extremist comments, when finally revealed several years after the fact, led to his dismissal (see this MDN story).

Such language is a badge of honor for the wackos at the Sierra Club. So Al “crucify them” Armendariz is now employed by the Sierra Club as part of their “Beyond Coal” initiative—an initiative that’s attempting to finish killing off the coal industry in the United States. Nice people there at the SC.

Here’s the proud press release announcing the addition of Al “cruicify them” Armendariz (but with no mention of his particular brand of philosophy):

Former U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regional administrator Dr. Alfredo “Al” Armendariz will join the staff of the Sierra Club effective in mid-July as Senior Campaign Representative for the organization’s Beyond Coal campaign. Based in Austin, Dr. Armendariz will draw on his scientific expertise working on air, water, and climate science to help move Texas off coal-fired electricity and toward an economy powered by job-generating clean energy sources such as wind and the sun.

"This is an exciting day for clean energy and public health supporters in Texas,” said Bruce Nilles, Senior Campaign Director for Beyond Coal campaign. “Al has worked closely with the Sierra Club for many years, as an environmental scientist and professor. He understands the critical importance of developing clean energy to create jobs, protect people and protect air and water."

Before becoming Regional Administrator for the EPA, Dr. Armendariz spent eight years as a professor in the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. He has previously worked as a chemical engineer with Radian Corporation in North Carolina. Throughout his career, Dr. Armendariz has spent countless hours volunteering to help protect America’s air, water, treasured landscapes and public health through various environmental groups and he worked to teach the next generation of environmental leaders through the Volunteer Center of North Texas.

“As a third generation Texan, I’m proud to be taking on this new role to help protect Texas,”  said Dr. Armendariz. “As a father and a scientist, I know how important it is to transition to cleaner sources of energy that don’t pollute the air that our children breathe, and I’m proud to be working on a campaign with a proven track record for success.”

More information about the Beyond Coal campaign is available at*

*Sierra Club (Jun 29, 2012) – Sierra Club Welcomes Dr. Al Armendariz to Beyond Coal Campaign