NRDC Publishes Recycled Scare Tatics on Fracking & Water

The National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), which once-upon-a-time was at least partially open minded to drilling for natural gas, has been subsumed by the anti-fracking mania that seems to inhabit those on the political left. NRDC has left the realm of reasonable and thoughtful awareness on issues concerning the environment and has descended into political hucksterism (which is no doubt more profitable for fundraising).

A few days ago the NRDC published a “fact sheet” on water and hydraulic fracturing. It’s recycled no-thought-necessary-stoke-the-wacko-left-faithful pabulum. But MDN brings it to you because you need to “know thine enemy” and what they’re saying. A copy of “Water Facts” is embedded below.

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