PA State Geologist Talks about Shale Gas in Gettysburg Basin

The Harrisburg Patriot-News has an excellent article (well worth your time to read) on the topic, Is there shale gas in the mid-state area of PA? The article’s author, Donald Gilliland, first introduces us to the state geologist, George Love, painting an interesting picture of where he works and what he does. Gilliland then skewers the southeastern Republicans (properly so) for inserting an eleventh-hour moratorium on drilling in their part of the state into the recent state budget (see MDN’s dim view of their action in this article). The moratorium prevents drilling in the South Newark Basin, located around the Philadelphia area, until a study is completed. George Love is the man in charge of that study.

But it is the article’s focus on another nearby shale basin, formed at roughly the same time as the South Newark Basin, that is fascinating to MDN. It’s called the Gettysburg Basin, so-named for the historic place under which part of it lies. Would there, could there be drilling under the hallowed ground at Gettysburg and other mid-state locations like Harrisburg? Mr. Love’s study of the South Newark will also look at other basins in the state and will help answer those questions.

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