Exxon Mobil Foolishly Backs Obama Carbon Tax Idea

Exxon Mobil is a major disappointment. Since 2009 they’ve supported a so-called “carbon tax” over what they consider a less-desirable alternative—legislation capping carbon dioxide emissions. Carbon dioxide, in case you didn’t know, is the substance you breathe out with every breath you take. Plants breathe it in. Plants, on the other hand, expire oxygen that we animals breathe in—something called the circle of life. Obama and green wackos want to tax carbon dioxide emissions in the misbegotten belief it’s “polluting the planet” and that by taxing it, you will cause its use to go down. (Maybe a tax on breathing will be next?) Boggles the mind.

What boggles the mind even more is Exxon’s support for the idea. A carbon tax is nothing more than a huge, new tax increase that gives greedy politicians more money to play with, reduces manufacturing activity (and jobs at those manufacturers), and overall is about the worst idea anyone has had in oh, about a century.

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