The Best (and Not So Best) Utica Drilling Locations in Ohio

choosing the bestA recent shale gas conference held in Cambridge, Ohio on Nov. 10 turned up some surprising and interesting facts. One of those facts: Almost 100 percent of the land in Carroll County has been leased for possible Utica shale drilling, or is being held by production.

Here’s a few more interesting items from the conference, shared by a team from Ohio State University Extension (including where drilling is producing good results, and where it’s not):

…the Utica shale has more potential than the Marcellus shale [in Ohio] and is more extensive than the Marcellus shale in Ohio.

[Here’s a look at] detailed production at some producing wells in Ohio.

  • Buell well in Harrison County (Chesapeake Energy) has had peak rate of 9.5 mmcf (million cubic feet) gas/per day. It has also been noted to produce 1,425 bbl/s (barrels) per day of natural gas liquids or 3,010 BOE (barrels of oil equivalent) per day.
  • Anadarko’s initial reports in Noble and Guernsey counties are “promising.” One well has produced 9,500 barrels of oil in 20 days.
  • Gulfport Energy reported that the Shugert well in Belmont County is producing 20 mmcf gas per day or 4,914 BOE per day.
  • The Frank unit well in Stark County owned by Enervest is reportedly producing 515 barrels of oil per day as of August 2012.
  • Chesapeake has reported to continuously find strong production in Harrison, Columbiana and Carroll counties.
  • Test wells in Ashland and Medina county are not giving high production numbers…and some companies are reportedly considering pulling those exploratory wells.*

*Salem (OH) Farm and Dairy (Nov 12, 2012) – Ohio Shale conference: Residents take time to learn how shale boom will impact them