ShaleNavigator Mapping Service Adds Pipelines for ALL Shale Plays

MDN partners with ShaleNavigator to produce the Marcellus and Utica Shale Databook—a 3-volume set of maps and commentary that shows where permits and drilling are happening, county by county, throughout the Marcellus and Utica Shale region. ShaleNavigator is a top-notch online mapping system that offers users the ability to zoom in and out and add various “layers” of detail—layers like “show me recent lease offers in a certain area” and “show me where compressor stations are located.” It is without a doubt the premier online mapping system for natural gas development.

Infrastructure is the story for 2013 when it comes to shale plays. Pipelines, compressor stations and processing plants are needed—and quickly—to get the enormous amount of gas that’s been drilled to market. ShaleNavigator is great at showing infrastructure. Pipelines in the Marcellus and Utica Shale have been one of the most-used layers in ShaleNavigator. Now, ShaleNavigator has added a new layer showing all major gas pipelines across the United States located in every shale play. Wow! This new feature is a Godsend for drillers, contractors, utilities, real estate people, abstractors, appraisers…the list goes on. ShaleNavigator offers a free 7-day trial, and the lowest subscription prices we’ve seen for this kind of service. Details below…

Here’s the press release from ShaleNavigator announcing the new pipelines layer:

ShaleNavigator has now added national gas pipeline coverage to its mapping service, covering all the major US Shale Plays. “With new drilling technologies allowing companies to rapidly move across the various shale plays, ShaleNavigator will offer mapping capabilities nationwide, beginning with a highly sought after pipeline layer,” said Edward Camp, Developer of ShaleNavigator mapping systems.

With strong well results being released from the Eagle Ford to the Utica and new prospects emerging in California’s Monterey Shale, many smaller exploration companies and land acquisition companies are in need of a mapping system that shows detail in their specific region, but also need to have nation-wide access as opportunities emerge. “We have found that many of our subscribers were originally operating in the Eagle Ford or Haynesville, for example, but are now taking advantage of ShaleNavigator’s Marcellus coverage to help expand the services they offer to a new geography. Subscriber Arete Acquisitions is an excellent example of this,” Camp explained.

Accessing ShaleNavigator

A free 7 day account is available. To access the drawing and saving map tools and to have access to high value layers, subscribe for only $99/month, or $899 for an entire year. Group discounts are available.

About ShaleNavigator

ShaleNavigator is an online, interactive mapping system with natural gas wells, well permits, pipelines, and leasing layers. Subscribers can view recent lease offers and create an save their own maps. Data is updated regularly and includes recent lease offers, hundreds of newly issued well permits in the three state Marcellus & Utica Shale plays, natural gas pipelines in the Marcellus, Utica, and EagleFord, and listings of 50+ Available Properties comprising 12,000+ acres.*

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*ShaleNavigator (Feb 13, 2013) – ShaleNavigator Adds National Pipeline Coverage, Expands Mapping Services Beyond Marcellus Shale to US Coverage