New EPA Carbon Regulations Killing Coal & Our Country

Once again the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proven it’s a rogue, out-of-control agency that needs to be reigned in–now. The EPA has just issued new emissions standards for power plants that will result in massive closures of coal-fired power plants (any volunteers for rolling brownouts?). What’s the big boogeyman they so desperately need to control? Carbon dioxide–the stuff you exhale with each breath. The flatulence that comes from the back-ends of every living mammal. The excuse the rogue EPA is using to “regulate” something that’s not a pollutant? The man-made global warming fairy tale–even though recent scientific evidence proves global warming isn’t happening and hasn’t been for the past 15 years! See Warming whoops: Scientists debate the falling rate of rising temperatures.

Enough is enough. Hopefully the Republicans in Congress will have the spine to stop this lunacy before it progresses any further…

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