Newest Gulfport Utica Wells Disappoint with Methane Production

Last week Gulfport Energy prepared the markets (i.e. investors) to receive some “bad news”–lower-than-expected third quarter production numbers for their Utica Shale wells, partially due to lack of a pipeline hookup to a single well (see Delayed Pipeline to Single Gulfport Utica Well Impacts Market). Today Gulfport released production numbers for three Utica wells. To our eye, it seems lack of infrastructure is not the only reason Gulfport lowered expectations for 3Q13 production. The newest wells coming online for Gulfport are not producing anywhere near the amount of methane their previously announced monster wells produce. For example, the Stutzman well in Belmont County well produced an initial 21 million cubic feet of natural gas per day (see Mind-blowing Earnings from a Single Utica Shale Well). That’s to be expected. Not every well you drill is a home run.

Even though Gulfport’s newest wells are under-performers vis a vis methane (2.0-9.7 million cubic feet per day), they produce more than enough condensate and natural gas liquids to make up for it. Interestingly, all three of Gulfport’s newest wells are in Harrison County, OH…

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