Cabot’s NE PA Wells “Some of the most productive on Earth”

Number 1The mainstream media catches up to MDN and other industry-focused publications–eventually. On October 14, 2013, MDN gave you the details for the top 10 most productive wells in the Marcellus Shale with respect to natural gas production. We told you eight of those top 10 are found in one northeastern Pennsylvania county–Susquehanna–and are drilled by the same driller: Cabot Oil & Gas (see PA’s Top 10 Marcellus Shale Wells – Full Details). A Wilkes-Barre newspaper has finally come along to also blow the trumpet about how productive Cabot has been in Susquehanna County. They too make the observation that Cabot’s natural gas wells may be “some of the most productive on Earth.” Indeed.

But this mainstream story also brings to light information MDN is sometimes asked and until now didn’t have a ready answer for: When it comes to Cabot in the Marcellus with “dry gas,” or companies like Gulfport in the Utica, very successful with “wet gas,” are they just lucky in hitting the “sweet spot”? Or are they smart about the geographies where they decide to lease and drill? Although luck plays a role, this article, in talking about Cabot’s work in the Marcellus, says they fully knew what they were doing when they leased up thousands of Susquehanna County acres. Forthwith, a really good story from a mainstream media source!…

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