US Senate Convenes Hearing on a Dangerous Fugitive: “Methane”

fugitiveBe careful out there–there’s a fugitive on the loose. He’s dangerous and if you’re not careful, he’ll sneak in and turn up the temperature on the earth’s thermostat by 1/1000000000000000000000 of a degree. His name? Methane (“Meth” for short). He’s wicked. He’s evil. And he’s out to escape capture any way he can. In fact, he’s trying to get to the ozone even as we speak. Quick! Turn around! He may be behind you right now. You never know with Methane. He’s just so invisible. And wouldn’t you know it–that evil fugitive Meth is first cousins with that other evil ne’er-do-well: Carbon Dioxide–sometimes known by his gang name, CO2. “Meth.” “CO2.” Their very names make one shudder with fear.

And so goes another U.S. Senate hearing on the topic of so-called “fugitive methane”…

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