OOGA Caves, Endorses New Higher Tax on OH Utica Shale

It looks like taxes on the Utica Shale in Ohio will go up. Yesterday OH Rep. Matt Huffman and Speaker William Batchelder (both Republicans) introduced House Bill 375 which would raise taxes on Utica Shale drilling. Efforts have been under way for the past two years by OH Gov. John “foreigner-hunter” Kasich. He’s into socialism these days–raise taxes on one set of people and give it to another. He’s had some assistance from his fellow Republicans in this regard–but the efforts have (thankfully) gone nowhere.

But now it’s different. This time the Ohio Oil & Gas Association (OOGA), long opposed to raising the Utica Shale tax, has endorsed the latest proposal, which means it’s probably not as much as Kasich wanted, but it’s certainly more that what it is now. Sadly, OOGA has also (for political expediency) endorsed the concept of giving “the extra money” raised by new taxes to voters (i.e. vote buying) in the form of a state income tax cut…

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