Seneca Resources – Now Drilling 2X Wells in Same Amount of Time

Yesterday the Philadelphia Inquirer took an inside look at major Marcellus Shale driller Seneca Resources (the drilling subsidiary of National Fuel Company) and the dramatic increase in efficiencies Seneca has achieved. Like Cabot and other Marcellus drillers, Seneca just keeps getting better with time. A few years ago it took Seneca a month to drill a new Marcellus well. Today? About 16 days–roughly half the time. Put another way–they now drill two wells in the time it used to take them to drill one.

Not only that, the length of the borehole Seneca drills is much longer, meaning each well is more productive (more gas flows out). No wonder those in the industry call shale fracking a miracle. Those who say shale drilling “won’t last, wells will run dry before you say Bob’s your uncle” are either willfully ignorant of the facts–or just plain lying. Here’s a look behind the scenes at dramatically improved Seneca…

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