A Brief Word About MDN Site Technical Problems

technical difficulties please stand byDear MDN Readers:

Over the past several days the MDN website has, at times, slowed down significantly and in some cases was unresponsive and not loading. In addition, for some time now the site has not “remembered” logged in subscribers who revisit the site, causing them to have to log in again repeatedly each day. My profound apologies.

Last night I had the site moved to a new server and it seems to be responding well today (at least so far). I have also found and corrected the issue causing logged in subscribers to not be remembered on subsequent visits.

Please be on the look-out today and report to me any strange behavior (can’t load the site, still having to log in repeatedly). I’m doing my best to resolve these technical issues and appreciate your patience and help.

Kind regards,
Jim Willis
Editor, MDN