Former Mainstream Reporter Sees the Fracking Light

Is there any hope that mainstream media reporters will ever tell the truth about the miracle of fracking? You may despair, but every now and again there’s hope. We spotted a column written in the more-or-less conservative Washington Times by a former reporter for the Associated Press, someone who also has worked for Newsweek, ABC News and “20/20”. That’s mainstream media cred if we’ve ever heard it! Not only that, but this reporter was once funded (in a professorship) by the rabidly anti-drilling Park Foundation. Fait accompli–a dyed in the wool mainstream media guy.

And yet, this mainstream media guy was able to see through the lies of the anti-drillers and come to the conclusion that yes, fracking is indeed a miracle and does not destroy the environment. Hallelujah! A mainstreamer who saw the light. Maybe there is hope?…

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