Japan Researchers Say Life Wouldn’t have Begun without Natgas

Anti-drillers seems to be susceptible to believing in fairy tales–like the myth of man-made global warming. Here’s a new fairy tale anti-drillers may not like so much. This one comes from researchers at the Tokyo Institute of Technology (TIT). In a press release laced with a lot of maybes, could-of’s and probably’s, the bright minds at TIT have a new theory: One of the key substances found on earth today was a necessary component in the formation of life on earth–it was a necessary ingredient in the primordial soup of life. And what, you may ask, is that key, critical chemical compound? CH4…otherwise known as methane…otherwise known as natural gas.

Oh no! Say it ain’t so!! Not natural gas?! Yep. The same anti-drillers who tell you the world will end by burning natural gas wouldn’t even be here (according the TIT fairy tale) without it. Talk about ironic…

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