PA’s State Energy Plan: All of the Above…AND Below!

above and belowPennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett continues to impress and confound Democrat governor wannabes like John Hanger who seek to replace him. The Dems have been salivating like mad dogs at the prospect of winning back the governor’s chair in November. For them and their mainstream media accomplices (we were going to say media whores, but thought that may be a tad to strong from the family-friendly MDN), it’s a foregone conclusion that Corbett is history…toast…on the way out. But Corbett, long accused of being a “tool” of the drilling industry by jealous Luddites on the anti-drilling side, still has some fight left in him, and he came out swinging earlier this week when he introduced his PA State Energy Plan. In stark contrast to the puffery and flummery offered up by NY Gov. Andrew “the ditherer” Cuomo with his energy plan from a few weeks ago (see NY Releases a Draft (Frackless) State Energy Plan), the PA plan is a breath of fresh air for Pennsylvanians.

The title of Corbett’s energy plan says it all: Energy = Jobs. In a turn of phrase we absolutely love (taking a jab at the empty PR platitudes from Obama), Corbett’s plan doesn’t pick any winners or losers to support, he supports all options, something he calls an “all of the above — AND below” strategy. Love it! Something else we love about Corbett is his philosophy of government: Corbett says government doesn’t create jobs, private industry does. Government’s job is to protect public health and safety and create an positive atmosphere for job creators. Wow! When was the last time a politician finally “got it”? A politician whose actions back up his words? A politician with guts? That’s Tom Corbett…

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