Harrisburg Newspaper Criticizes 0.00255 Drilling Part of PA Budget

If you want to know what the prevailing political attitudes are from Pennsylvania’s (Democrat) politicians, look no further than the editorial page of the Harrisburg Patriot-News newspaper. There you’ll find whatever the next party line attack will be against PA Republicans and/or the shale drilling industry. And so today what do the learned, careful, deliberative minds of the PN editors focus on in PA Gov. Tom Corbett’s proposed budget which he unveiled on Tuesday–a budget which is an astonishing $29.4 BILLION in size and includes spending INCREASES for education and old folks but no broad-based tax increases? One of the sources for revenue in the budget–pocket change really–is a measly $75 million (which is 0.00255, or roughly 2/10ths of 1% of the entire budget) raised by allowing a little bit more drilling under, not on, state forests. And that’s what the editors at the PN jump on about the budget. Amazing.

What’s even more amazing is the mental gymnastics they have to perform to criticize Corbett’s proposal–a proposal that does not allow any new rigs or drill pads on state forest lands! They resort to quoting anti-drilling organizations like PennFuture with arguments made with more “maybes,” “mights,” and “coulds” than you can count. In other words, absent any scientific evidence to the contrary, we should not do something (that Eddie Rendell and John Hanger once did, raising $444 million), simply on Democrat anti-drillers’ say-so. Maybe the PN editors like Hanger’s plan to turn PA into a bunch of pot smokers (they can tax) instead? We say, no thanks…

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