ecorpStim Waterless Fracking Newsjacks UN Water & Energy Report

ecorpStim, a company that has pioneered an interesting waterless fracking technology that uses non-flammable liquefied petroleum gas (propane) to replace all water and chemicals used in traditional fracking, continues their newsjacking ways. We told you last December how the company gloms onto big news stories and tries to tie themselves to the story–as if the story were about them when it isn’t (see Waterless Fracker ecorpStim (Mis)Uses Newsjacking for Attention). We hadn’t spotted any more cases and thought they had wisely decided to cool it with the newsjacking. But we were wrong.

Yesterday ecorpStim issued a new press release to call attention to themselves via a recently issued UN report on water and energy. Yes, in one sense you can say ecorpStim’s technology offers a solution to a teeny tiny portion of the water issues raised in the report. Frankly, shale drilling uses a small fraction of the water used by other forms of energy extraction and even by agriculture and golf courses! Shale drilling’s use of water in no way endangers water supplies. Look, we applaud creative “hey look at me” marketing. We like the ecorpStim technology! However, we take a dim view of useless marketing that doesn’t advance the very serious issues facing our industry. You decide which this is…

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