NYT Editors: Burning Fossil Fuels Worse than Chernobyl & Fukushima

The editorial board at the New York Times is pretty much a lost cause–that we all know. Populated by extremists who worship at the feet of Karl Marx and who think socialism will work “this time” because they’re so smart and know how to do it right. So we (hardly) ever read the Ancient Gray Lady, far past her prime and ready for the grave. But some items in the NYT catch our attention, from time to time–purely for entertainment purposes (no real reporting goes on in the NYT anymore).

An NYT editorial from May 1st illustrates how completely off their rockers the Kool Aid-drinking editors at the NYT have become with respect to global warming (even though the earth hasn’t been warming for the past 15 years, see Warming whoops: Scientists debate the falling rate of rising temperatures). The NYT editors say burning oil, natural gas and coal is causing more damage to Mother Earth than Chernobyl and Fukushima did. Folks, this lunacy must be stopped and stopped NOW before they throw us back into the Stone Ages…

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