Earthworks Lies About Fracking Yet Again (No Surprise There)

Earthworks–a radical environmentalist group–plays fast and loose with language and the truth. Nothing new there–they always have. (Yes, we’re calling them liars.) The latest instance is a press release that is being picked up by some doltish news outlets that makes this claim: “…a Texas TV station broke the news that new independent analysis refutes the oft-repeated claim by the oil and gas industry that ‘there’s never been a confirmed case of fracking polluting drinking water’.” The release goes on to explain the so-called pollution is methane migration. Which, of course, is not pollution. Methane may make the water distasteful, but the water is still drinkable and the presence of methane can be mitigated and usually fixed. Completely. You can drink water with methane from sunup to sundown and it won’t kill you (although it may give you gas)…

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