IMF Book Says Counties Should Tax Fossil Fuels Higher

The International Monetary Fund, a liberal quasi-governmental organization released a new book yesterday in which they say countries like the United States don’t tax energy, particularly fossil fuels, enough. For the first time ever the IMF lays out what it says is the appropriate level of taxation on coal, natural gas, diesel fuel and gasoline for 156 countries. Of course global warming nuttery plays a major role in their calculations–got to reduce that darned carbon dioxide, ya know (the stuff you breathe out with every breath). IMF chief Christine Lagarde made up some cockamamie excuse why the IMF is concerned about so-called environmental damage instead of sticking to monetary policy. At a gala event last week in Washington, DC, Lagarde, who arrived from Europe on a fossil fuel jetliner and was chauffeured to the event in a fossil fuel powered limousine, said countries shouldn’t wait for everyone to agree. Just start taxing the #[email protected]! out of their citizens now–to force them to give up those evil, nasty fossil fuels. Oh, and don’t forget to chip in a few billion to the IMF along the way…

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