A Look at Fracking Propaganda and How It’s Manufactured

pull the curtain backHere’s how mainstream media and “environmentalists” collude to lie to you. First, a group of virulent anti-fossil fuelers sit around a conference table at the William Penn Foundation, or Heinz Foundation, or Sierra Club, or NRDC, or take-your-pick. Maybe they all have a big confab on Martha’s Vineyard–many pinheads are better than one. They sit there in a room heated by natural gas using electricity created with natural gas (or coal), sitting on chairs made from petrochemicals, and sitting there in clothes made from petrochemicals (fossil fuels) to talk about ending fossil fuels. The environmentalists talk about which issues poll well and scare the most people with respect to fracking. Everyone decides “cancer” is a great one. Yeah, we’ll use cancer. “How do you get cancer?” asks one them at the confab. “From radiation,” comes the response from one good little LibDem. “What if we could tie cancer to fracking? Wouldn’t that be great?!” Everyone cheers. How to do it…how to do it. “I know! Radon! We’ll convince everyone that fracked gas creates clouds and plumes of suffocating radon and that radon will kill ’em by giving them cancer.” Horray! Next step: Find willing accomplices in the scientific community that can be bought off with grant money to “study” the issue and publish a pre-determined anti-fracking outcome in a peer-reviewed journal (see Johns Hopkins Says PA Fracking Causing High Radon in Nearby Homes). The penultimate step: Get a single, sympathetic mainstream media reporter to write a story blaming fracking–as if it’s proven science. Enter the Washington Post with a story yesterday sporting this headline: “Rise of deadly radon gas in Pennsylvania buildings linked to fracking industry”…

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