FrackFeed Site Uses Pop Culture to Spread Truth about Fracking

You Have Fracking Questions?An edgy new pro-fracking website has sprung up that deserves your attention. It’s called and it’s designed along the lines of BuzzFeed, a news and entertainment site aimed at Millennials. FrackFeed, like BuzzFeed, contains short, “pithy” articles–but in FrackFeed’s case the articles respond to and expose the lies peddled by anti-drillers–using humor. The format is meant to be easily “consumed” on a smart phone–and shared with others. Of course the “cool, hipster” anti-drilling nutters are flustered that pro-drillers are turning one of their own tools against them–exposing them for the humorless mind-numbed robots they are. We love it when someone figures out how to get under their skin! Example: categories on the site include Quizzes, Memes and something called “Listicles”. FrackFeed uses the image of the fictional Ron Burgundy (actor Will Ferrell) of the Anchorman movies with the superimposed statement: “You Have Fracking Questions? I Have Fracking Answers!” Love it!…

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